Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Cops play party poopers on New Year Eve, Kochi revellers left fuming

Nope, that is not another arrangement of edicts given by God omnipotent himself; yet they are an unavoidable reality regardless on the grounds that they've been passed on to hapless Kochiites by our holier-than-thou Kochi (moral) police themselves! Much to the frighten of numerous who were wanting to relax on New Year's Eve, the Kochi cops as of late declared that they will have none of this gathering business, (it's western culture, all things considered!) and issued a string of unwarranted tenets, all for the sake of making festivities "all the more family-accommodating" and sanskari . No leniency for "ahankari" trendy people here, in God's Own Country. So imagine a scenario where all they need to do is quite recently given some steam a chance to off and well, make the most of what's left of the year in the way they regard fit. The cops, who appear to be eager to play poopers this year,  Read more:- Mobile Number Database Provider  have essentially made Kochi city feel like an all inclusive school, say the incensed revelers. While the general population is clearly feeling insulted, the cops have no arrangements at all to unwind their standards. Indeed, even as they turn a hard of hearing ear to the ones who are youthful ones who are crying dry about their 'entitlement to party', Kochi Times gets up to speed with Arul B Krishna: District Commissioner of Police, to comprehend why his squad is dead set on destroying this gathering.

Source:- TOI

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